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Hampshire - Tap / Cottage UV Water Filter
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Hampshire - Tap / Cottage UV Water Filter

Product Information

 Hampshire 30 Watts Single Lamp UV Water Filter

The Hampshire Ultra Violet Water Filter utilises low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps to produce ultra violet light at the 254 nm wavelength (UVC) which is lethal to micro-organisms. The stainless steel chamber incorporates a high purity quartz sleeve around the lamp. As water passes through the chamber, UVC light penetrates and destroys the cell structure of micro-organisms in the water.

Lamp power (watts) 30
Maximum flow rate (litres/min) 23.5
Lamp life (days) 365
Control panel options Type A/B
Standard connection (mbsp)* 3/4”
Overall length (mm) 915
Maximum pressure (bar) 10


Controller Options
Type A Stainless steel control box with lamp driver circuits. IP 40.
Type B Polycarbonate enclosure incorporating lamp driver circuit and LFM-T system panel for user configurable safety features. (lamp run/fail indicator pre-wired) IP 54.
Type C Epoxy coated steel enclosure with fully wired LFM-T system. IP 54. Designed for commercial applications. LFM-T Lamp failure module. System monitor providing valuable safety features:- power indicator, lamp run/fail indicator, volt free contacts, auxiliary 230V AC alarm contacts.


UV Water Filter Selection Table
Model Application Max Flow Rate liters/min
Oxford Single Tap Applications 8.3
Hampshire Single Tap / Small Cottage 23.5
Gloucester Small House / Flat 39.5
Durham Average Family Home 58
Norfolk Large Family Home 127
Hereford Light Commercial Applications 166


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